The 3rd Conversation- Proof from the ‘Other-Side’

Ghosts can talk!

Don’t take our word for it…. take theirs!


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Dear Paranormal Investigator and/or Mystical Connoisseur,

Salutations!  First and foremost, Monet and I would like thank you for visiting our page.  We know there are tons of sites out there claiming one thing or another about ghosts. Paranormal investigations, proof from the other side and Psychic Mediums who are ready to give you a reading.  These “Psychics” All of them, claiming “They have ‘THE PROOF!’” Are ghosts real? THE FAKE PSYCHIC MEDIUM:  Lets be honest, there are a lot of fakes, phonies and flat out LIARS all over the web! Within walking distance of my home, there is another psychic near my house and we have both had some of the same clients. The difference between us is, that her clients come to me and tell me stories about how she’s attempted to take them too the cleaner’s by saying “I see spirit, and I can save you from the family curse that has been placed in your life. To do this, I will need to see you for 6 more sessions and I can change your life forever”… I mean really?!  SHE CAN change their lives, and what she CAN ABSOLUTELY change is to make a decrease in their bank accounts! There are a lot of Psychic Mediums out there, who claim to hear AND CONTACT spirit.. HOWEVER, there is no concrete proof that they can offer THE CLIENT with their readings they are given, but after your reading with “A FAKE PSYCHIC”, you begin to wonder “What did I just waste my money on?! Will this make a difference and did I just get taken?  I mean seriously, a client will begin to wonder, does spirit actually communicate WITH them or did they just perform a Google search and memorize the client’s personal information. THE LOUSY GHOST TOUR: How about the time, you and your friends went on this really cool hyped up Ghost Tour. The advertising promised a night of Spirit AND COMMUNICATION like no other! Everyone HAS talked about how the Ghosts will MANIFEST AND come out to participate WITH YOU DURING YOUR TOUR. Building up the adventure of a life time….Come on folks, I bet after the tour you felt like you wasted your money. REAL PSYCHICS KNOW THAT GHOSTS DONT ALWAYS COME OUT ON DEMAND! YOU Didn’t catch anything on tape, AND YOU didn’t see anything move OR FEEL ANY SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION AT ALL. SO YOU ARE LEFT FEELING bamboozled by the tour guide and their lame stories. You have to ask yourself is this just plain trickery or is this stuff really real? Do ghosts really exist, let alone try to communicate WITH PSYCHICS AND THE LIVING? Can you really capture paranormal activity? MONET AND I HAVE BEEN in the same situation as you are now. Does the ‘other side’ really try to communicate WITH YOU OR ME after they have left this world? DOES HEAVEN EXIST? Does spirit truly roam the world? DO we just stay in the casket until Armageddon TAKES US UP TO OUR MAKER and that’s it? UNTIL THEN are WE just dead? There are tons OF UNANSWERED questions WE ALL HAVE BUT what can we really prove? Well, I, JALI WRIGHT, ALONG WITH MY ASSOCIATE MONET LAMERTINA HAVE provided  CONCRETE PROOF AND evidence DURING a 16 month long, amazing AND SPIRITUAL  journey, IN WHICH  we have recorded, communicated and captured …. REAL SPIRIT CONVERSATION! Not only is this ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSIVE, it’s AWESOME!  Take OUR word for it! THIS IS NOT SOME JOKE OR AN ILLUSION COOKED UP TO BAMBOOZLE THE PUBLIC, ITS REAL TANGIBLE EVIDENCE!  Listen to a few of the EVP’s we’ve caught AND RECORDED FOR YOU, ON OUR WEBSITE, then buy the book TO HEAR THE REST OF THE PROOF and BE AMAZED! We want you to be a skeptic, we want you to challenge THE VALIDITY OF THESE EVP’S, and we want you to be in disbelief .BECAUSE BY THE END OF THE BOOK WE WILL MAKE YOU A BELIEVER!!!! BUY THE AUDIO BOOK and hear it for yourself…then send us an email and let us know what you think. I know MONET AND I were flabbergasted, AMAZED,  laughed in hysterics AT THE ANSWERS WE RECEIVED and loved every single minute THAT we HAVE HAD CONFIRMATION DURING OUR  conversations  with Spirit. And you will too! IF AFTER READING THIS, YOU ARE STILL A SKEPTIC, Don’t take OUR word for it…take THE SPIRITS WORDS, WHICH YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY HEAR! Get a copy for yourself and be prepared to have your ears HEAR THE PROOF FROM THE OTHER SIDE. YOU WILL BE dumbfounded BY THE AUTHENTIC and GENUINE conversations THAT WE RECORDED WITH SIMPLE METHODS AND RETURNED WITH ACTUAL EVP with Spirit. So check it out…GET YOUR COPY TODAY, LET US MAKE A BELIEVER OUT OF YOU! Jali and D.Monet Ask yourself…can you handle the truth?!

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I listened to the Audiobook of the 3rd conversation and I couldn’t stop until i listened to it all. Not only am i amazed, I am awed to know that life goes on outside our body after we pass on. I am amazed and not kidding at the very discernible responses that spirits make. I couldnt believe what i was hearing!  Kind of freaked out to know that someone could be standing next to me watching me do everything i do and me not even know it. This book is probably one of the MOST AMAZING audio books I have ever heard. I want to hear more. Please tell me you  have a website a link or a show or that you will be recording more because i was fascinated. This it absolutely not enough for me. Well its enough, because its so amazing and just wow, but I really want to hear more. Please publish more conversations. Please. I would like to hear more from spirits what it is like when you pass on. Would love to hear you ask questions on what we are to expect over there. This is an amazing audiobook! I would recommend it to all ghost hunters and people who want to hear proof. Totally wowed by this! Waiting on the next one. Will buy it when it comes out! Thanks for the experience, am totally amazed!

—Nikki M., Tampa, Fl

I take things from a practical scientific approach. If it can’t be proved by science and logic, I’m usually not entertaining the idea. Yet, the voices and conversations I’ve heard time and time again with their work…I’m amazed beyond belief.

—Chuck L.